A bomb webpage in the making

(intended for theatrical performance rather than just reading)

The cast of characters:

  • Karina Zavidova, webpage owner (
  • A visitor

Hello visitor, how are you?

Hey hey hey! I’m doing well, enjoying my corporate past future and present spiced with matcha powder and dewy filters. What’s up with you?

I’m doing fine, thank you! I also prefer my life spiced with matcha powder. That stuff isn’t cheap, so I am looking for work.

Why is your website still in the making?

Oh, it will always be in the making. While rebuilding it I realized that the most wonderful thing about the Web is that it’s always in progress – things evolve, stuff breaks all the time and I am learning new things. At the moment I am quite happy with this iteration of my website, for the first time it actually has a back end. It’s made with Wordpress. At some point, I have decided to learn to build my own Wordpress theme from scratch and this is the result. While focusing on building some kind of basic structure, I find it a bit weird to do “one big reveal” of a webpage, as the content always changes and the whole look and feel develops in iterations. I think generally I prefer to work on everything in iterations. Being able to keep versions and to see the progress (or the lack thereof) is the best thing.

Okay okay, what about the work?

If you’d asked me a year ago, I would say something like digital and web-based stuff. But I am beginning to realize that I also enjoy doing designs for print. I am trained as a graphic designer, and I love moving image, but most of all I love developing my own method and applying it to everything. I would say my method of working is quite analytical – I don’t start sketching with raw blobs of color or anything like that, and if anything starts with a feeling then I try to build argumentation around it. I sit and think. Maybe walk and think. Maybe get on a treadmill and think. And then I start mapping the subject and the assignment. Context? Details? Production methods? Fun facts? It might be a mess but there should always be the logic behind it. I wasn’t always like this, so I am super enthusiastic to test my new toy on all sorts of terrains. Also, I have recently realized that I am not as individualistic as I thought. I genuinely love collaborations and I learn a lot from my colleagues.

Give me an example of a dream client/assignment?

I am fascinated by topics and fields which are considered “uncreative”. I enjoy working with large volumes of content and archives, looking at the content closely, making an inventory and many notes on things I find interesting. I would say I like to do mapping, but maybe "mapping" is too rational of a term. It is more about chaotic structures and entanglement, where mapping is a way to find a few points from which the narrative departs.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I am very curios how this genre can be interpreted visually.

A newsletter and a book. I read a lot and I appreciate a good newsletter, so I would be very interested in designing one. Also, I am beginning to realize that I really want to design a book. Big, solid, and heavy. While accumulating content as a researcher I have learned to organize what I gather and learned to treat content with a lot of attention and care. I like the temporality of the web, but recently I have started buying actual, physical, books again, after years of not buying books at all, and it got me thinking about designing them.

I am enthusiastic about software and apps and always happy to find great tools, so I would be more than happy to work for a company which makes software.

A software company, huh? You are quite autonomous and make conceptual stuff, can you also work in a commercial field?

Look at my domain name. “com” is short for “commercial”. I mean it.

You write a lot, is that also your job?

Partly! Especially the writing of emails.

Anything else?

I also want to make a music video. Everyone wants to make a music video, right?

I guess so. Imagine you have a budget of a Hollywood blockbuster and you can choose any artist. Name five things which are in this music video:

Breaking of glass. Mosses and ferns. Exoskeletons. Various liquids. Drake.


Yeah, I know. The funny thing is that I listen to music from time to time but in general my world is quite silent. I am not enjoying music as much as I think other people are. But I like dancing. I sometimes dance in my studio when I’m alone and I need a break from sitting. But I don’t listen to sad songs when I’m sad. What I have discovered so far is that making websites is a good way to deal with sadness.

Sounds quite spiritual. Are you also wondering what’s the meaning of life?

Sure. Also, what is love?

Baby don't hurt me.

Don't hurt me.

No more.