Confidence & Alienation

an ultra-sentient particle walks into a bar

Confidence & alienation is an attempt to preserve the sense of non-belonging in a simulated conversation between two figures.

Cast of characters:

Figure 1 (on the right)

Is a 26 year old woman, short and dark haired. She flies to Lisbon for a one-week artist residency only to discover that the city has been posessed by Web Summit, the world's largest tech event. She inhales the spirit of enterpreneurship and enters the land of confidence, where no one doubts and everyone is ready to pitch. She walks through this land with a single drink in a plastic cup, talking to the inhabitants and taking voice memos along the way.

Figure 2 (on the left)

Second figure is a voice of confidence, a blend of personalities with a wisdom of a genie from the bottle and optimism of a fanatic.

User manual:

To start a conversation click on one of the figures, and then on another, repeat.