Hi, nice to meet you :) My name is Karina Zavidova, I am a graphic/digital designer based in the Netherlands. For the past three years, I have been doing design work for clients in the cultural sector and working on independent research projects. I have been always interested in initiatives that connect technology, culture and society. Currently, I am looking for a job where I can apply my skills to promote projects which facilitate positive societal changes and the critical approach to big tech. In this short portfolio, I will tell you about the skills I've got and the lessons I've learned and how my experiences motivate my next step. You can reach me at karina@zavidova.com (which is also my Skype handle). Thank you for your consideration!

About WINWIN is an algorithm for an interactive debate experience, created by Nienke Huitenga and James Bryan Graves. As a designer of the project, I worked on the visual identity and the first live version of the website
Role Designer
Skills Digital & UI design, visual identity
Celestial Services
About Visual identity for an exhibition: website, catalogue & navigation. The challenge was to create a visual identity for an exhibition that takes place in the club (De School Amsterdam) but isn't a part of the club programme. Due to the restrictions of the club, this exhibition wasn't allowed promotion (such as posters) or navigation. To connect physical and digital spaces our team developed a website which changes moods and colours depending on the time of the day.
Role Designer & web developer
Skills The identity was developed in collaboration with a team of four (with Lucie de Brechard, Sascha Krischock and Alex Walker). During the production phase team split roles, and together with Sascha Krischock, I was responsible for coding the website.
Roaring 2020's
About Roaring 2020’s is an online gallery initiated by Vox-Pop UvA, which showcases and preserves works produced during the pandemic.
Role Designer & web developer
Skills Digital design, web development (built on Wordpress with a custom theme)
Influencers Aren’t Very Good At Influencing Anymore
About Together with designer and artist Simona Koutna, we were working on a book about beauty trends coming from Instagram and how these trends move from digital spaces into the real world. This small magazine is the first prototype. Due to covid-19 we are re-developing the project in the digital form, and have exhibited at the virtual DDW 2020.
Role Graphic designer, co-author, editor
Skills Design, editorial work, web development, production (from concept to funding to realisation)
Untitled sketch
About A small CSS animation I have sketched for a project, where I ended up using a different visual style. I am including it here because I would like to do more animated pieces in the future.
Role Designer & web developer
Skills Coding & illustration
About Print/Press teamed up with printers (KVGO, Aeroprint and Jubels), inviting 12 designers to work with new technologies in print. The designer's task was to work with variable data to make a design for one month. Variable data allows for the reproduction of unique multiples in a single print run. The printing techniques I chose to test are neon (pink) and invisible ink (UV red).
Role Graphic designer
Skills I learned to work with variables and to use a rather technical assignment to develop a story
Hackers&Designers summer academy programme documentation
About The main goal was to document a two-week summer programme on-the-go and to be able to assemble a publication in the enjoyed. This “cookbook” publication is a part of Hackers & Designers Summer Academy, which included workshops on creative implementation of software and hardware. The content was initially gathered on etherpads and hosted via a wiki content creator. The publication was edited, designed and produced within three days.
Role Graphic designer, editor
Skills Graphic design & content management
Whenever The Eye Falls
About A zine/publication for a Dutch artist Robin van der Heijden, made with laser printer & risograph
Role Designer
Skills Graphic & editorial design