A bomb webpage in the making

(intended for theatrical performance rather than just reading)

The cast of characters:

  • Karina Zavidova, webpage owner (
  • A visitor

Hello visitor, how are you?

Hey hey hey! I’m doing well, enjoying my corporate past future and present spiced with matcha powder and dewy filters. What’s up with you?

I’m doing fine, thank you! I also prefer my life spiced with matcha powder. That stuff isn’t cheap, so I am looking for work.

Why is your website still in the making?

Oh, it will always be in the making. While rebuilding it I realized that the most wonderful thing about the Web is that it’s always in progress – things evolve, stuff breaks all the time and I am learning new things. This website runs on WordPress. Do you know that the first release of WordPress was in 2003? That's quite crazy, thinking about all the changes in the appearance and purpose of websites since then. Everything changed! And Wordpress still exists and powers a huge part of the Web. Coming back to your question, I generally prefer to work in iterations, showing a bit of progress here and there instead of aiming for 'one big reveal'. Being able to keep versions and to see the progress (or the lack thereof) is the best thing. By the way, did I tell you that my website got featured on

That's nice! But what about the real work?

The first time we had this conversation, about a year ago, I told you that I want to move from working on digital stuff to designing for print. And then I started making books and graduated my MA with a book. I love books and I want to make more books and magazines. But I do love websites dearly and want to make more of them! I am my best at building structures to host content and to map how the information is presented to the viewer. I have a very analytical way of working, but I also thrive on fascinations and want the audience to get fascinated with me. I am independent and quite autonomous, but not individualistic. I genuinely love collaborations and I learn a lot from my colleagues. In the last year, I have initiated a few collaborative projects myself and want to have more!

Give me an example of a dream client/assignment?

I am fascinated by topics and fields which are considered 'uncreative'. Give me a project about something seemingly boring and I'll be delighted. While I am excited to do my research, I am quite tired of overly theorethical art school stuff. I want practical assignments which can benefit from some theory behind it. A visual identity. A website. Working with an archive. Making a publication. After graduating my BA in Graphic Design in 2016 I have struggled to call myself a graphic designer for some time, but now I finally feel that it's an appropriate title. I am a graphic designer and also a writer. I do research, I make books, I make websites. One day I can curate an exhibition, the other day I will work on curating someone's Instagram.

Previous answer: I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I am very curios how this genre can be interpreted visually. Update: Not anymore, but I still find the format very intriguing.

Previous answer: A newsletter and a book. I read a lot and I appreciate a good newsletter, so I would be very interested in designing one. Also, I am beginning to realize that I really want to design a book. Big, solid, and heavy. (Deleted paragraph) Update: I made a big, solid and heavy book. Currently in the process of finding a publisher.

Previous answer: I am enthusiastic about software and always happy to find great tools, so I would love to work for a software company. Update: Now, this is a big deal, since my projects are becoming more and more tech-heavy. In my work, I am opting to use scripts rather than apps, but also I am a very big fan of a few apps and services. I have a love and hate relationship with software, and I am enjoying its complexity.

A software company, huh? It's been a year since our first conversation and I am still sceptical. You are quite autonomous and make conceptual stuff, can you also work in a commercial field?

Look at my domain name. “com” is short for “commercial”. I mean it. Also, why can't you be both?

I guess you can.

Exactly. And I am working on making my multiple professional personalities pay my bills and bring me my matcha lattes. It's going to be okay, trust me. I know what I'm doing.

You seem quite confident.

Yes, finally. Well, I do have self-doubt and often feel the existential dread which comes with a master degree in Art and Design (obtained June 2019, still fresh, both the degree and the dread). But I have enough energy, curiosity, passion and self-discipline to deal with anything which comes my way.

I like your optimism!

That's a millennial thing. We struggle with all the stuff we allegedly ruined but then calm down and restore our inner balance by looking at plants.

Sounds quite spiritual. Are you also wondering what’s the meaning of life?

Sure. Also, what is love?

Baby don't hurt me.

Don't hurt me.

No more.